Enjoy Exploring the Historic Attractions of Lucca With a Luxury Villa in Tuscany

Tuscany has a number of cities that history buffs are guaranteed to enjoy visiting during their holidays, but few places have the same wealth of well-preserved attractions as Lucca.

While Lucca may not be regarded as one of Italy’s most important cities in modern times, if you take the time to visit you will soon discover plenty of evidence it was one of Europe’s most affluent places during medieval and Renaissance times.

Stay in a luxury Villas in Tuscany with Pool for your holiday and you will have the opportunity not just to enjoy the beautiful countryside, but also to spend a day or two exploring Lucca – an experience that will be both educational and fascinating.

One landmark you will not be able to miss is the city wall, originally built in the 16th century as part of Lucca’s defences. It survives intact and has now been transformed into a tree-lined walkway that rings the city.

It is the perfect place to enjoy a stroll and enjoy some views over the city. Perhaps you could use a leisurely walk to identify some of the medieval churches, palaces and towers you want to visit later in the day.

Like those other great Tuscan cities Florence, Siena and Pisa, Lucca is packed with stunning religious architecture. Basilica of San Frediano has a beautiful mosaic of the Ascension of Christ the Saviour by Berlinghiero on its facade, while San Michele in Foro has an ornate statue of St Michael the Archangel on its summit.

The spectacular Duomo di San Martino is packed with pieces by famous artists and sculptors, such as Quercia, Tintoretto, Bartolomeo, Ghirlandaio and Zuccari. The cathedral is also home to the venerated Volto Santo di Lucca, which is believed to have been sculpted by Nicodemus.

You will also want to visit the Guinigi Tower, the best preserved example of the towers that used to dominate Lucca’s skyline. It is part of a home that used to belong to a wealthy family and is famous for its rooftop garden.

Book one of the Italian villas with private pools in the Lucca area and you will also be ideally placed to explore the local countryside and to visit both Lake Massaciuccoli and the Tyrrhenian coast, which are located within easy travelling distance.

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