Simple and sophisticated wedding accessory ideas

It’s your big day and you want to look the best you have ever looked, but that can be a big task requiring a lot of thinking. You’re probably already set with your dress and shoes; all left is to decide on accessories that can make or break your whole appearance. You want to keep it familiar but still extravagant enough for the wedding and not venture too far out of your comfort zone. So, here are some classic pieces you should reach for to help you out!

Precious metals

Bring out your best gold and platinum pieces for this day. Although there are no rules set in stone about colour, generally, if your dress is a warm colour, gold jewelry will look brighter and they will enhance each other. The same goes for colder colours with silver, platinum, or white gold jewelry. Similarly, keeping a consistent metal color will help you pull the look together.


Gemstones are versatile and let you add some much-needed sparkle! For an affordable yet glittering option that will turn some heads, go for ethical lab diamonds. The benefit with lab grown diamonds is that they do not shy away from the brilliance that natural diamonds offer, but they come with no guilt and at a more attractive price! For other fantastic options, you can opt for sapphires or yellow topaz, giving you a unique look.

Small pops of colour

While softer colours like beiges and lavenders are staples for weddings, you can involve small splashes of colours to enhance them. Use vivid coloured gems such as opals or moonstones, which add a magical touch. Go for a slightly bright manicure or fun beaded jewelry that is in trend now. However, be careful not to experiment since you don’t want to take the risk on such a special day. 


A timeless way to make your appearance all the more feminine and romantic, flowers and floral patterns never go out of style. Roses, peonies and carnations are common options for your bouquet, but they look just as beautiful in hair pieces or accessories. You can easily get your hands on tiny rose bud stud earrings or a floral bracelet for small but noticeable details.

We hope these ideas help you make your big day a little more special!

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