Blood Diamonds – What Are They and Why Is It Important to Know?

The words blood diamond may bring to mind images from a movie set amidst the jungle or dense rainforest. However, this is not the case. Blood diamonds are actually any type of gem that is mined under inhumane and dangerous conditions — often as a result of war. Even though this sounds like something you would read about in history class, it’s still an issue we need to be aware of today. This article will explain everything you need to know about blood diamonds, how they got their name and why they’re important to you as a consumer.

Why Are Blood Diamonds Important?

Blood diamonds are mined in dangerous and inhumane conditions, which lead to many injuries and deaths of workers. Many of these diamonds go into making jewelry, and the companies that mine them wish to keep the status quo. They will therefore often disregard the need to mine them in a safe and humane manner. By purchasing blood diamonds, you are supporting an unethical system.

How Are Blood Diamonds Mined?

Blood diamonds are mined in areas of conflict, where the workers are exploited and forced to work in unsafe conditions for long hours and are paid poorly. This has led to many people being killed or injured while working. Diamonds were originally discovered in South Africa, which has since become a huge marketplace for their sale. It is estimated that about 80% of the world’s diamonds are mined in South Africa, which has a long and violent history of conflict.

3 Tips to Buy Conflict-Free Diamonds

There are several ways to ensure that the lab grown diamonds UK you’re buying is conflict-free. The ways to do this are to know how the diamond is mined and ensure that you’re not supporting unethical business practices.

– Research the Mining Company – Before purchasing a diamond, research the mining company to ensure the diamond was mined in a controlled, ethical manner. There is currently no way to guarantee that a diamond is conflict-free, but indices such as the Kimberly Process, the Diamond Code of Conduct, and the GFDA can help you understand how the diamond was mined.

– Look for a Certified Diamond – Certified diamonds are conflict-free. The International Gemological Institute is a trusted and well-known organization dedicated to grading diamonds.

– Know Where The Diamond Is From – If you buy a diamond from a well-known company like De Beers, you can be sure that it is conflict-free. De Beers has created the Forevermark Diamond, which is their conflict-free diamond. You will pay a premium for these diamonds, but it is worth it to know that your diamond is conflict-free.

Bottom Line

Blood diamonds are mined in dangerous and poor conditions and are likely to be low quality. To avoid buying blood diamonds, research the mining company, look for certified diamonds, and know where the diamond is from.

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